LACR MX has been a family organization.  Dirt bikes and motocross have been a huge part of the Barbacovi history, hitting back to the early ‘70s with CRC.  Jack Barbacovi originally ran LACR MX from 1985 to 2010.  When the track closed Anthony Barbacovi began talking to Granite construction, and for a few years he talked to them about bringing back the dirt bike track that everyone missed and loved.  Once he got Granite to approve the reopening, they brought in Richard Kutbach to rebuild the motocross tracks.  With the help of Jeff Gillespie and many others lending them a hand they were able to build the main, vet, and pit bike/mini bike tracks.  They originally used Granite’s mined sand, making the foundation of all three of the soft and open sand tracks that they have today.  Eli Krytzer and Anthony Barbacovi continued to build and maintain the tracks each week, keeping everything pristine.  Today Anthony and the guys maintain the tracks with ripping the corners for a thrill-seeking ride each week.  The amazing staff from the front gate girls to Don, the man who runs the show based on your requests for practice, and the flaggers, to the guys that keep the tracks prepped and watered for you, all have the same passion for motorcycles as the Barbacovi’s do.  They go above and beyond creating fun and safe weekends for their guests.  LACR MX is fun for all sizes and skill levels as they are all about family, and they look forward to seeing you and your families out there each weekend.

Get ready!! The 110 scene is back in full force!! Our mini track was just revamped a few weeks ago and is amazing! It will be prepped to perfection for the weekend of the 13th and 14th. We are still working all the details but can tell you after the #covidnationals put on by @lancenelson_ this will be one for the books. Can’t wait to see you all out there!

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Tracks are dialed in, we have open practice from 8-1! Fresh off the covid national that @lancenelson_ put on yesterday we are doing a ride weekend for minis the weekend of June 13th and 14th. This will be open practice for Saturday and Sunday with over night camping for it. If you were there yesterday you know how back the 110 scene is! We will have more information very soon! Let’s keep it rolling!! #moto #motocross #thisismoto #lacrmx

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Perfect day out here! We’re open both today and tomorrow from 8-1. All three tracks are fresh and ready to go! We have rules posted in previous post, please respect these rules as these are how we can maintain to be open! Thank you! #moto #motocross #thisismoto

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