MUST wear protective gear when riding on the property.

o            Helmet

o            Goggles

o            Long sleeve top

o            Pants

o            Gloves

o            Boots; MUST be steel toed and cover your shins.

1ST gear ONLY when riding to and from your vehicle in the pits.

o            NO play riding.

When driving on the property keep an eye out for others and do NOT exceed 10 mph

ABSOLUTELY NO riding of any kind before or after the scheduled event.

NO play riding in the pits at any time.

Wristbands MUST be purchased and put on at time of check-in.

o  Please do not make us kick you out and put you on the list for all tracks.

For your safety and the safety of others take a couple of slow laps to checkout the tracks and their sections every time you come out to ride, there may be some minor changes each ride.

NO riding passengers on the back of your bikes.

For everyone’s safety all spectators MUST remain off the tracks at all times!

Spectators are NOT to cross the tracks at any time and do not stand on any section of them for any reason.

The flaggers and EMTs are there for the rider’s safety and we ask you DO NOT get in the way or involved besides getting their attention if you see someone needs their help.

What you bring in with you, you take out with you.

o Please do NOT leave trash or household items lying around & NO dumping on our property.

Refrain from going near or around the water tanks at any time.

Dogs are welcomed, but they MUST be on leashes or safely secured in your vehicles at all times. Also please clean up after them.

NO vehicles, tents, or awnings inside the track gates at any time.

NO climbing the surrounding hills or track gates at any time.

NO playing or dumping in the water drainage basins.

ALL entering the property must carefully read and sign the sign-in sheets.

ALL MUST always stop at the front gate when coming onto the property, Do NOT drive by without our acknowledgement of you entering the property.

We reserve the right to refuse service.